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For more than a decade, Peter Searby has been inspiring the young with a new, adventurous, and imaginative approach to learning. The founder/director of the Riverside Club for Adventure and Imagination and author of Casting Fire, Peter would love to come speak to your group about how to energize and educate in a way that sparks curiosity and guides the young on a path toward their calling.


The Education of Boys...or It Takes an Adventure!

It is vital that educators cultivate a learning environment that is both consonant with the nature of boys, and at the same time challenges them to live self-control, diligence, focus, and deep work. How can we inspire and guide them through an imaginative and adventurous approach?

Creativity and
Fellowships of Creative Endeavor

The Riverside Club seeks to give  the young  a taste of an inspired life: one where our gifts contribute to a fellowship of creative endeavor--an endeavor that is a participation in God’s creative act.


Gift and Calling

Within each person there are insights, experiences, and talents that naturally incline them towards a particular path. But for most, this path is unclear and this leaves them feeling stuck in a quagmire with a lackluster view of life.

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