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Creativity and Fellowships of Creative Endeavor

The Riverside Club seeks to give  the young  a taste of an inspired life: one where our gifts contribute to a fellowship of creative endeavor--an endeavor that is a participation in God’s creative act. No matter where they are in life--profession, marriage, church, social group--the goal is to lead them out of the cave of passive acceptance, into an understanding of life as an epic cosmic drama, the likes of which legends, myths, and fairy tales only give a dim inkling.


Think about what can happen if a boy experiences one moment where his creative gift connects with an edeavor that both inspires and enlivens him. This endeavor will open up to him the richness of life and he will have something enchanting that he will remember.


Each individual has his own creative gift that when part of a fellowship can overcome adversity achieve a goal. This is the theme of many great adventure stories. In this talk, you will learn how Riverside helps boys see their gifts as heroic callings and encourage them to build up a brotherhood, see the gold in others, and truly live the work they are doing.


Riverside also has a strong adult culture that encourages fellowships of creative endeavor. The many festivals and events provide ample opportunity for parents to utilize their own gifts, which offers fulfillment, satisfaction and an example to the young.

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