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Gift and Calling

Within each person there are insights, experiences, and talents that naturally incline them towards a particular path. But for most, this path is unclear and this leaves them feeling stuck in a quagmire with a lackluster view of life. 


A lack of focus on gift and calling in education has created a mindset that focuses on content conveyance and consumption, but does not help the young know themselves and the adventure they are called to take. They should see education not merely as a time to imbibe information, but rather as a way to help them figure out how to live an inspired life, directed toward meaning, purpose and fulfillment. 


The imagination has the power to reveal the hero we are meant to be, the journey we are meant to take, and the domain we are meant to build. Through our imagination we can see the greater narrative we are in, and the mystic nature of our call to build the Kingdom through our creative gifts. If we believe we are actually living a fantastic adventure story, a myth, albeit true, then our approach to life’s journey will take on an ultimate meaning that reveals to us our true self and calling.


This talk with explore how See Beyond, one tenet of the Riverside Code, helps the young understand that there is a way of seeing life that stretches our imagination far beyond ordinary day-to-day activities.The many story projects undertaken during the Riverside Tutorial are geared towards opening up the imaginations of the young to See beyond by means of symbol, myth, and metaphor.

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