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Peter songwriting

Peter Searby Music

Wayfaring Stranger

Tell Me A Story

Gypsy Dreaming

Original Riverside Musicals

Bound for Glory

Lyrics and music by Peter Searby. Performed by friends of the Riverside Club and the child actors who appeared in the original production of this musical in 2015.

Coyote Cal

The Hedgerow

Swing Resistance

And Two Unique Bands

The Great Whiskey Project

The Great Whiskey Project plays great music. Some of it's Irish. Some of it's rock. A lot of it's original. All of it is fun. The passion of the musicians is inescapable and the sound is refreshingly new. Take a listen to Brothers On the Road, written by Peter Searby. You won't be disappointed.

Basil and
the Wrath Bones

September 17, 2023

This celtic/sea shanty/rock band is a true fellowship of creative endeavor in the spirit of the Riverside Club for Adventure and Imagination. Here Peter Searby jams with history, philosophy, theology teachers, an accountant, and former Riversiders while opening for the band Scythian at the Irish American Heritage Center.

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