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How did your family cultivate a strong faith?

What I remember most vividly in my life is witnessing my mother and father going off on their own to pray in silence, reading spiritual books in a quiet room, and making space in the day for deep conversation with God. They attended daily mass, but would never force us to go. They wanted us to choose this on our own. We prayed the family rosary growing up, but as we grew older they respected our freedom and would ask us to join them. I also remember when they would take time at night to make a visit to the Blessed Sacrament together at a local church; at times I would join them, and this gave me great love for the Eucharist. They always respected our freedom to choose whether to go. We lived the great feast days by attending beautiful churches like Saint Mary of the Angels in Chicago, and then celebrating with big dinners, or Easter Brunches. (Though I also remember going to White Castle after some Sunday Masses.) 
Incidentally, my mother has managed a retreat center in Culpepper, VA, since the early 2000s.

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