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An Evening of Words and Music
with Peter Searby

Special Musical Guests

Great Whiskey Project.jpg

The Great Whiskey Project

Basil and the Wrath Bones

The Irish American Heritage Center
January 13, 2024
7 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Peter Searby is the founder and director of the Riverside Club for Adventure and Imagination, a center dedicated to inspiring the young through the creative arts, outdoor adventure, faith and friendship.


His new book Casting Fire is a way to bring the educational vision behind the Riverside Club to a wider audience.


Come Catch the Spark on January 13 and ignite your passion for learning and desire to help the young see beauty, goodness and truth through an inspired and imaginative education. 


Discover not just through words, but also through song and shared experiences, how Riverside has helped a generation of youth discover and develop their creative gifts, learn about their calling, and form lifelong friendships. This will be a transformative evening of laughter, enlightenment and entertainment, including performances by Chicago-area musicians from songwriter and playwright Peter Searby's extensive catalogue of original songs


Ticket Only:  $20.00

Ticket Plus Copy of Casting Fire:  $45.00

Books purchased in advance may be picked up at the event.

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