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Peter Searby

Create. Educate.

A Place Called Riverside...



Peter Searby has a creative mind and an educator's heart. The restlessness he felt as a boy, boxed into a desk in a classroom, carried over into adulthood and morphed into a general dissatisfaction with the educational system. And so, in 2013, he co-founded the Riverside Club for Adventure and Imagination in order to help boys in particular, live a more imaginative and adventurous childhood and discover their creative gift.


Peter Searby
Casting Fire Book Cover

Ignite. Inspire.

The Vision

To light a fire in the hearts and minds of many is the true purpose of education. The campuses built to teach our youth (particularly boys), the curricula crafted and stuffed into their heads and the activities scheduled inside and outside of the classroom are often not what they need. Casting Fire offers a vision of what should be in the educational realm and appeals to anyone interested in creative education and imaginative learning.

Dream. Discover.

Cross the Threshold...

When a person discovers the gift, talent, insight that is part of the core of who they are, they begin to see the gateway through which they must travel to find the Domain they are meant to inhabit. 


In conjunction with John Severance, president of Everhouse, Peter Searby has developed a retreat, the League of Twelve, designed to help young people find their calling.

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